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District leaders pointed out that people do a good job grassroots party secretary

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The morning of May 27th, party secretary Gong right came to the Party school district for the village, city community party secretary gave lectures. District standing committee, organization department minister Zhou Jun chaired party, villages, city community and the party secretary of the streets and parks, district departments responsible comrades attended the lectures.
Gong Quan pointed out that the grassroots party secretary is the leader of the village level organizations and Party members of the masses, in contact with the masses, serving the masses play a vital role. We should firmly establish political awareness, the overall situation of strong Party politics. Take a qualified political ethics embodied in Party spirit. Always keep in mind their own political identity, political party, always tighten the string at any time and in any circumstances are not out of bounds, not deviant. Two should be reflected in the implementation of the higher level of political party committees and governments on the deployment requirements. Strengthen the par consciousness, to make the trip, prohibitions, and consciously safeguard the Party committee and government of superior authority, maintaining government decrees. Three should be reflected in the political qualified business executives on the ground. Play the lead role in the hard work and hard work, a solid grasp of development, stable work, put on the promise of good people. Four to qualified politics reflected in solidarity work on human resources. Take the lead to construction of village level team, lead and unite the village cadres, the formation of a good situation, and general business.
Gong Quan pointed out that the grass-roots party secretary should firmly establish the sense of Party building, grassroots party organizations. To effectively assume the basic level, lay the foundation and grasp the team, with the responsibility of the team, to strengthen the party building work. At present, we should focus on the good in “ learning Constitution Party rules, learning series speech, to be qualified as the theme of the party ” “ two a ” study and education, to ensure that the higher requirements are implemented. First, we must grasp the “ based on the study of ” requirements, in the true understanding of the real hard work. Grasp the village Party characteristics of classified teaching, ensure the effectiveness of learning, to ensure that the grassroots every Party member can receive education and improve. Two to grasp the “ the key is to do ” requirements, in the real do really change the hard work. &ldquo control; four four ” and “ four ” the standard, all kinds of practice carrier put forward actively practice area, truly qualified party to implement the requirements of daily work, study and life. Three to implement the basic organizational system. Combined with “ two learn to do ” learning and education, the party organization's basic system to grasp the implementation of good, the formation of long-term mechanism to build a strong fighting fortress.
Gong Quan pointed out that grassroots party secretary should firmly establish the sense of development, dedicated to lead the masses to get rich together. To seize the two development context, on the one hand actively cooperate with the regional development, sharing the fruits of development; on the other hand, relying on the advantages of the village on the project, development, and strive to lead the masses to get rich. First, we must speed up the transformation of old villages. Mobilize the enthusiasm of the village team members and Party members and cadres, with the office of the street to do a good job of publicity and mobilization to promote the transformation of old villages to achieve a major breakthrough. Two to do a good job in road engineering and project construction. Strengthen the sense of service, settled in the village of key projects and enterprises, and actively cooperate with the work of the project as early as possible, to facilitate the construction of the conditions. Three to do a good job in the construction of rural ecological civilization and rural civilization action. Establish the concept of green development, to carry out afforestation, beautification and greening activities. According to the implementation of rich project, development of green agriculture, organic agriculture, ecological tourism and sightseeing enriching industry, make people more prosperous. On the village level of spiritual civilization construction and four “ ” engineering construction, guide the broad participation of the masses civilization activities to create a civilized and harmonious village atmosphere.
Palace power pointed out that grassroots party secretary should firmly establish a sense of stability, do everything possible to maintain the stability and harmony of the village. Be good at doing mass work, pay attention to the ways of the right way, and the demands of the masses at heart, let more people feel the warmth of the grass-roots party organizations; to play a good exemplary role, for the masses to do first do yourself, ask people not to do their own first. To be bold and responsible, ahead of disposal, and actively resolve the contradictions and disputes, so that small things out of the village, the contradiction is not handed over. To be fair treatment of village affairs, do to obtain the fair and justice in the heart is to win the masses.
The right house pointed out that the Secretary of the grass-roots party organizations must firmly establish the awareness of self-discipline, maintain clean and honest character. Take the lead to exercise self-discipline, always tighten the string of clean general, and consciously accept the supervision of Party members and the masses. To strengthen a pair of “ ”, earnestlyshoulder village clean government “ first responsibility ” responsibility, trends and tendencies of problems early discovery, early reminder, early education, early correction. To grasp the standardized management of village affairs, the deepening of village affairs and democratic management, to ensure that the village every job done according to the law.


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